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What Is SERP And How Does It Affect Your Website?

What Is SERP And How Does It Affect Your Website?

If you run a website, you will have heard the term SERP, but you might not know what this is.  It is important that you understand what SERP is and how it will impact your website.  There is actually nothing more important to digital marketing than SERPs and it is important to know this Google Local Map will help you find a expert to help you with this

What Is SERP?

When someone uses a search engine, they will enter a search term or phrase and the search engine will provide websites that can help them in their results.  These results that the search engines provide are SERPs or search engine result pages.  Each SERP is unique for each search and each search engine.

This uniqueness is due in part to the customized experience that many users have when they use a search engine.  Search engines will tailor the SERPs for a user based on the search term as well as the physical location of the user, their browsing history, and social settings.

How SERPs Work

There are 2 different types of SERPs and they are paid and organic results.  The organic results will be websites that appear in the search engine results due to the algorithm of the engine.  This will often be through the use of an SEO or search engine optimization strategy used by the website.

There are some SERPs which will have more organic results than paid results.  This is generally based on the differing intent of the searches being done.  There are 3 types of internet searches and they are informational, navigational and transactional.  Informational searches are looking for information and will generally have more organic results.  Navigational searches generally look at locating a specific website and will also have more organic results.  Transaction searches will generally have paid results as they are commercial searches.

As the name suggests, paid results on SERPs will only be shown because the company has paid the search engine to do so.  Paid results were limited in the past to small text ads found above and to the right of the organic results.  This is no longer the case and paid adverts now come in a range of different formats.

You will still find the text adverts above and to the right of the organic results.  However, you will also get paid shopping adverts which display an image of a product, a price and the name of the website where it can be purchased.  Paid adverts are most likely to be found on transactional searches for products, but they can also be found for navigational searches as businesses attempt to get more business through them.

Knowing what SERPs are is important if you want to be able to get traffic to your website.  There are 2 types of SERPs and they are organic and paid.  It is important that you consider the type of searches that your users will be completed to determine which type of SERP you should be focusing on.  Many digital marketeering companies like Houston SEO-Prime will recommend focusing on organic results before looking at paid results.

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